Teshuva Returning to God

Posted on Apr 7, 2014 in Audio Lessons, Going On To Perfection

Teshuva Returning to God

Teshuva means return , We call it repentance.

Moses had to return to the top of Mount Sinai a second time for a forty day stay. This second ascent and the forty days Moses stayed with GOD are echoed when Christ begins his ministry with forty days in the wilderness. Teshuva is a forty day period each year that is strategically placed for all to be prepared for the Last Trump. This is a must hear lesson for students of the Word.

if someone commits a sin, a forbidden act, he can be forgiven for that sin if he performs teshuva, which includes:[1]

  • regretting/acknowledging the sin;
  • forsaking the sin;
  • worrying about the future consequences of the sin;
  • acting and speaking with humility;
  • acting in a way opposite to that of the sin (for example, for the sin of lying, one should speak the truth);
  • understanding the magnitude of the sin;
  • refraining from lesser sins for the purpose of safeguarding oneself against committing greater sins;
  • confessing the sin;
  • praying for atonement;
  • correcting the sin however possible;
  • pursuing works of loving kindness and truth;
  • remembering the sin for the rest of one’s life;
  • refraining from committing the same sin if the opportunity presents itself again;
  • teaching others not to sin.