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Teshuva Returning to God

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Teshuva Returning to God

Teshuva means return , We call it repentance.

Moses had to return to the top of Mount Sinai a second time for a forty day stay. This second ascent and the forty days Moses stayed with GOD are echoed when Christ begins his ministry with forty days in the wilderness. Teshuva is a forty day period each year that is strategically placed for all to be prepared for the Last Trump. This is a must hear lesson for students of the Word.

if someone commits a sin, a forbidden act, he can be forgiven for that sin if he performs teshuva, which includes:[1]

  • regretting/acknowledging the sin;
  • forsaking the sin;
  • worrying about the future consequences of the sin;
  • acting and speaking with humility;
  • acting in a way opposite to that of the sin (for example, for the sin of lying, one should speak the truth);
  • understanding the magnitude of the sin;
  • refraining from lesser sins for the purpose of safeguarding oneself against committing greater sins;
  • confessing the sin;
  • praying for atonement;
  • correcting the sin however possible;
  • pursuing works of loving kindness and truth;
  • remembering the sin for the rest of one’s life;
  • refraining from committing the same sin if the opportunity presents itself again;
  • teaching others not to sin.
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The Five Foundations: Sacrifices Lesson Three

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The Five Foundations: Sacrifices Lesson Three

As Christians we know when we confess our sins they are forgiven. So what happens to sins we do not confess, or if we are ignorant of one of GOD’S laws, sins we did not even know we committed? This teaching on the trespass offering will answer these questions as well as enlighten us on GOD’S merciful nature. Both the sin and the trespass offerings are primarily for “sin done in ignorance.” What this means is that our carnal mind, with which we are born, needs not be aware of the fact that “sinful flesh…and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God” for the wages of sin to be demanded and required of us all.

Hebrews 10:12,14 : But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God; For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.

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