Identification is Mandatory in 2014

Posted on Jan 6, 2014 in Sermons

Identification is Mandatory in 2014

We have had request for Pastor’s Sermons to be posted along with his teaching lessons which are already on line. Here is his first sermon of 2014, and we apologize for the audio quality. You will find the sermons section to be a bit more emotionally charged as well as pastors off the hip unrehearsed thoughts which are stated. His sermons will help your life as they have benefitted ours over the last 20 years. The insight we have been given on God and the working of his kingdom and his word in the earth have been inspiring. We so appreciate a pastor that has a real relationship with God, yet is real with the members of our congregation.

Pastor Kearse, we have enjoyed the example you have given us in your marriage, your family, and dealing with life. Thank you for teaching us not only God’s word, but the power of prayer, and God’s great love.

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